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Chicago Street Cleaning

Street Cleaning Map, Schedule & suspensions


Upcoming Street Cleaning Holidays

  • Today Thu, Jun 13 2024
    Rules enforced
  • Tomorrow Fri, Jun 14 2024
    Rules enforced
  • Sat, Jun 15 2024
    Rules enforced
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Your guide to Street Cleaning in Chicago

How does street cleaning work in Chicago?

The Chicago street cleaning season is expected to run from April 2 until early November, though if it isn’t snowing by then, crews will continue to clean the streets beyond the end of the scheduled season.

Street sweepers move through the city by Ward, and each area has its own unique schedule. Drivers are encouraged to move their cars according to times listed on posted signs.

When does street cleaning occur in my ward?

If you’re parked in Chicago, it’s important to note that street cleaning occurs by ward. To see when street cleaning occurs near you, access this real-time street cleaning map. Whether you need to park your car in a neighborhood you’re not familiar with, or you want to verify when street cleaning occurs near your home, there’s no need to dig through lists of information by ward or wonder whether the information is up to date.

Is it legal to park after the Street Sweeper passes?

It’s debated whether you’re safe to park your car after the street sweeper has already passed. There have been individual reports of ticketing even after street cleaning occurs on individual blocks, so it’s always recommended to follow the hours posted on the sign regardless.

How much is a Street Cleaning Ticket in Chicago?

A street cleaning ticket in Chicago costs $60. It’s also the second most ticketed parking offense in the city.

Is the street cleaning schedule suspended on any holidays?

Unlike many other cities in the United States, Chicago does not suspend street cleaning on any major holidays. Every day between April and November is a potential street cleaning day.

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