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The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Monthly Parking in NYC

Looking for safe and cheap monthly parking in NYC? Tired of playing the alternate side parking game? This guide will help you find the perfect NYC monthly parking spot – without breaking the bank πŸ˜‰

Here are some precious tools you will need to be armed with:

  1. A map of all the garages and lots offering monthly spots around you, along with the rates they offer (Check out this map!)
  2. All the tricks and tips that will allow you to trade price for convenience – if you have a limited budget.

Map of public garages and lots

Browse the map to locate the public garages and lots in NYC offering monthly parking. The locations with a yellow icon offer online deals that you can book. For those that don’t offer online deals, you can still ask for availability and prices via the SpotAngels website and apps.

Prices to expect per neighborhood

Let’s set expectations correctly – NYC monthly parking is expensive πŸ™‚ In Manhattan, a monthly parking spot can cost up to $1,400/month in Upper East Side and Upper West Side. But don’t panic, you can also find a spot for $400 per month in those same neighborhoods. In Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx, you can find parking around $150-$300 per month.

See below the monthly parking prices by neighborhood in the city.

NeighborhoodMonthly prices
Upper East Side$400 – $1,000 (!)
Upper West Side$400 – $1,400 (!!)
Lower East Side$195 – $700
Tribeca$500 – $800
Chelsea$450 – $850
Midtown Manhattan$450 – $650
East Village$300 – $600
Harlem$400 – $750
East Harlem$200 – $500
Washington Heights$300 – $750
Inwood$300 – $400
Downtown Brooklyn$200 – $500
Williamsburg$200 – $400
Queens$100 – $300
Bronx$200 – $400

Tips if you have a limited budget

If you have a limited budget, here are some tricks and tips.

Use parking only when you need it

  • If you need parking for work, you can find spots to rent during working hours for a reduced price.
  • Similarly, you can buy a monthly spot for overnight and weekends only if you need a monthly spot when you come back home.
  • If you rent a parking spot for part of the time, you will need to play the NYC street parking game and we are here to help -> Check this NYC parking map to see free parking options around you

Take advantage of the Park + Ride at transit stations

  • If you are commuting to NYC from NJ, you can buy a monthly parking spot near the Secaucus train station for as low as $250 per month. Check some preferred Seacaucus junction parking here
  • If you are commuting from the Queens to Manhattan, check options like the Queensboro Plaza Stop and the Court Square municipal parking lot by the Citibank building. You will find attractive daily rates starting from $10/day and monthly rates starting from $150/month. Check some parking options near Queensboro here

If you have questions/comments or need help finding a spot, leave a comment below or reach out to!

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