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The Ultimate Guide to NYC Parking Tickets

You just got a NYC parking ticket? Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are now part of the 1-million drivers club contributing more than $440 million dollars a year to the city’s budget.

Additionally, there is still hope. This guide will share tips and tricks needed to win the NYC parking ticket game. You will learn how to:

  1. Contest a parking ticket or pay for it if the dispute does not work.
  2. Make sure to never get a parking ticket again!

Dispute or Pay a NYC parking ticket

You have 30 days to dispute any ticket. Among other things, the ticket can be dismissed if you had a medical emergency, if it was not properly issued or if the signage/meter was broken. Here is the process to follow.

First, make sure to take pictures of the street where the ticket was issued – from the beginning of the block to the end of it. Those pictures will serve as evidence.

Then, request a hearing on the city’s website or on the Pay Or Dispute app. We encourage you to read the detailed instructions they offer to help you prepare the evidence.

Based on how it goes, you will either get your ticket dismissed or will need to pay for it. If you lose your dispute, head to the city’s website to pay for your ticket or use the Pay Or Dispute app.

Never get a NYC parking ticket again!

At SpotAngels we take parking tickets seriously. We started the app after we got our car towed and had to pay $569 to get it back 🙈.

If you got a parking ticket in NYC, chances are you lost the battle against one of these 2 monsters: NYC alternate side parking or NYC meters (we ran the numbers on NYC parking tickets in this study).

But don’t worry, SpotAngels is here to the rescue! The app helps you understand NYC street parking rules and sends you reminders before alternate side parking. The best part of it: it’s 100 % free and the data is constantly updated by the community – see the NYC parking map for yourself!

SpotAngels NYC Parking Map

So don’t waste a minute and download the app. It was named the best parking app in the US by Apple. Game on!

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