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    • 1920 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore
      7 min walking
      for 2h
    • 1900 North Howard Street, Baltimore
      9 min walking
    • 2020 Maryland Highway 139, Baltimore
      6 min walking
    • 11 West 20th Street, Baltimore
      7 min walking
    • Morton Street, Baltimore
      2 min walking
    • 1705 Lovegrove Street, Baltimore
      14 min walking
    • 1 E Lanvale St Baltimore
      15 min walking
    • 1201 West Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore
      16 min walking

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Larder Parking

    Is there on-site parking at Larder?

    There is no on-site parking that we know of. Nearby options can be found at 1920 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore (7 min walking). More info here.

    How much does it cost to park at Larder?

    Parking at Premium P2316 costs $3.45 for 2 hours. Click here to book.

    Where can I find cheap parking near Larder?

    Premium P2316, 7 minutes away, is one of the cheapest parking options you will find near Larder. Click here to book.

    Where can I park for free near Larder?

    The closest free parking is located at 1900 North Howard Street, Baltimore (9 min walking). Check the map here.