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Where to Find Free Parking in L.A.

Stop reading parking guides from 2013 and find out where to find free L.A. parking options now. Whether you’re looking for parking in downtown L.A., free parking near the LAX airport, or even free parking near the natural history museum, we’ve got you covered.

Map of Free Parking in Los Angeles:

Not only will this free parking map show you free street parking, but you’ll be able to find parking spots at nearby parking garages and even book them from the map.

Simply type the address you’ll be parking near in the search bar and adjust the time settings to reflect the times you’re looking for. This is also great for planning your parking in advance. The pricing on the map updates to show free parking in real time, no matter where you need it.

Where to find free street parking in Los Angeles:

  • Free overnight parking*: when the sun goes down and the meter hours expire, street parking is free. This is perfect if you’re heading downtown for a night out and want to pick up your car in the morning. Metered parking enforcement begins at 8 AM and ends between 4 PM and 2 AM, so make sure you pay attention to the nearest signs.
  • Free short-term parking on green curbs: Between 8AM and 6 PM Monday-Saturday, you’re able to park your car for 15-30 minutes, depending on the posted signs nearest you. If you park here outside of the regulatory hours, there is no time limit!
  • Free parking on yellow curbs after hours: When you see a section of curb that is painted yellow it generally means it is a loading zone – you can drop off or pick up passengers or freight only. But in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Mid-City and many other neighborhoods you can park along the yellow curb between 6:00 P.M. and 7 A.M. all week and all day on Sunday – for free.
  • Broken meter parking at your own risk: Word on the street is the parking authority won’t ticket your car if you park at a broken meter unless you overstay the time limit on the nearest posted sign. This isn’t written in law anywhere, so park at your own risk!

*Word of warning about free overnight parking in Los Angeles: Without a permit, street parking is banned in Pasadena between 2AM and 6AM, in Beverly Hills from 2:30AM to 5AM, and in South Pasadena from 2AM to 6AM. Certain areas like West Hollywood may have heavily restricted overnight street parking unless you have the proper permit.

What about finding free parking in downtown Los Angeles?

Finding free parking downtown can be tricky. Many of the residential areas near the downtown center require a parking permit, and most commercial streets require drivers to pay the meter. If you’re downtown in the evening on a street where meters expire early, park there for free. Just make sure that you return before the meter starts recording again the next morning.

If parking on a Sunday, check the meters nearest you to see whether you’re able to park there without paying.

Is there free parking on Sundays?

Yes! Depending on which part of town you’re in. If you’re in West Hollywood, there is free parking on Fairfax Ave. and La Brea Ave. The easiest way to find free parking in downtown LA is to use an interactive map, like this one.

Free Parking near Popular L.A. Locations:

Free Parking near the Natural History Museum:

There is ample free parking to the east of the Museum and some pay parking to the north. Click the map to find more.

Free Parking near Venice Beach:

There is both paid parking and free parking near Venice. Click the map to find more.

Free Parking at Union Station Los Angeles:

To the east of Union Station, there are free parking, parking meters, and garage parking spaces available. Click the map to find more.

View Map of Los Angeles Free Parking