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You’re leaving the city for the Xmas holidays? And you’re wondering where to park your car without getting a street cleaning ticket?
The SF Xmas parking map below shows in green where you can park without a residential parking permit and save $73 on a street cleaning fine. 

That’s a nice Christmas present you can gift yourself once you’re back!

🎄🎅🎉 Stay calm and park ticket-free during the Xmas holidays 🎉🎅🎄

Click to view the interactive SF Xmas parking map

SF Xmas parking map
SF Xmas parking map

If you have a residential parking permit and want to leave your car in your neighborhood between December 22, 2017 and January 1, 2018 the rule is as follows:

  • If Street Cleaning doesn’t happen on the fourth week or fifth week, you’re safe!
  • If Street Cleaning happens weekly on a Monday, you’re also safe!  Explanation: Street Cleaning is suspended on Christmas Day (Monday December 25) and New Year’s Day (Monday January 1).
  • If Street Cleaning happens weekly on any other day than Monday, don’t park in your neighborhood and check the SF Xmas parking map above!

You can also check the SpotAngels app and use the filters feature to find where to park for a given period of time. Bonus: you’ll receive a parking reminder when it’s time to move your car!

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