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San Francisco Overpaid Parking Tickets Refund Calculator

If you’ve been parking in San Francisco between 1995 and 2012 and have paid parking tickets, the city may owe you money. The latest audit by transportation officials finds nearly $600,000 in overpaid parking fines. Over 7,000 citizens are listed for parking tickets refund! We have built a tool to help you find out if you’re one of them.


* Officials said the deadline to apply to reclaim that money is December 14th *

Any funds that are not reclaimed by the deadline will become the property of the City and County of San Francisco.


Enter Your License Plate or Name Below To Find Out If The City of San Francisco Owes You Money

and if it does, how much 🙂

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What if your name comes out? You need to file a claim either by calling 415.701.3000 or going to www.sfmta.com/citationinfo

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