We launched SpotAngels with the mission to make parking easy the day our car got towed. What started as a way to get street cleaning reminders in San Francisco has evolved into an app that helps drivers find free parking, get garage deals and avoid parking tickets in more than 100 cities across North America. 

Since day 1, the community is the engine that powers SpotAngels. Angels like you have added more than 543,000 pictures and reported more than 5 million open spots. Thanks to these contributions, the app facilitated more than 60 million parking sessions saving Angels an average of 5 minutes per session. It also sent more than 3 million parking reminders, saving Angels millions of dollars.

Since so many drivers rely on SpotAngels to find parking and avoid tickets, it’s important that it’s not just a great product, but also continues to meet your needs over the long haul. In order to build SpotAngels for the future, we are introducing a premium membership called Plus.  

Plus is the best way to get peace of mind and save money on parking. It costs $4.99/month or $29.99/year and pays for itself thanks to the following features:

  • Availability map
  • 5% cashback on garage deals
  • $20 yearly credit for monthly parking
  • SMS reminders
  • Dark mode 

The free plan still includes the parking map to find free parking and garage deals as well as the ’30’ before’ reminder to avoid parking tickets.

However, the following features will become part of Plus starting from May 15th:

  • Availability recommendations and histogram
  • The reminder the night before you need to move your car
  • Email and Calendar reminders
  • The ability to share a car with a co-driver
  • Availability histogram

Announcing the Community Pool to invest in the SpotAngels community. Each month, we will allocate 50% of the Plus subscriptions revenue to the Community Pool. This pool will be used to offer Spotcoins rewards to Angels who contribute information. Spotcoins can be used as parking credit or redeemed for cash directly in the app. As of May 2021, 100 Spotcoins are worth $1. We made sure to reward past contributions as well.

The first results are exciting. As of May 2021, we are already more than 1,000 Plus members and have distributed more than 2 million Spotcoins. We hope you are enjoying being part of the community and that you will support us by upgrading to SpotAngels Plus! 

If you have ideas on how to make SpotAngels better and grow the community, we would love to hear from you at support@spotangels.com

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