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Where to Find Free Parking in Boston

Looking for free parking in the Boston area? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover three free parking strategies, as well as a map of all free parking spots throughout the city.

Map of Free Parking in Boston

Click through to this interactive parking map of Boston, where you can type in your desired parking location and the time of day (or night) you plan to park. The map updates to show you exactly which blocks allow free parking, and which are parking meters.

1. Free Street Parking in Boston on Sundays

To find free weekend parking in Boston, check the day of the week. If it’s a Sunday, all meters throughout the city are completely free. That means even where the meters list a two-hour time limit, you’re able to park free for as long as you want.

2. Free Holiday Parking

Parking in Boston is free on the major holidays listed at the bottom of this page

3. Free Overnight Parking in Boston

Meters are only enforced between the hours of 8 AM – 8 PM. That means at most metered spaces you’re able to park overnight for free! Take advance of the free time, but make sure you double check when exactly the metered hours for your particular parking spot are. And here’s a handy free map to see for yourself where overnight parking is available:

Overnight Parking Map

4. Free Parking Throughout the City

Seaport Parking

The Seaport neighborhood offers a good amount of metered parking, so if you’re in the area on Sundays you’ll be able to park at those spots for free. The neighborhood is also home to a number of parking garages: One Seaport Garage, Intercontinental Boston Hotel Garage, 363 D. Lot, Yotel Boston, Seaport Place Parking, Renaissance Hotel Parking, and SF Plus Boston Fish Pier. To find the few free parking spaces in Seaport, check out this free Seaport parking map.

Back Bay Parking

If you’re looking for free parking the Back Bay, you’ll need a residential permit to park on Back Street, Beacon Street, and Commonwealth Ave. Check on Newbury a block west of Mass Ave. for free parking, except on game days. Also, there’s free parking on Tremont Street, Camden Street north of Columbus and on Northhampton Street south of Columbus. Parking here is frequently cited as being quite a headache. Instead, park for free at one of the many meters every Sunday or spend the money to park at one of the many parking garages in the area and avoid any chance of a ticket.

Mission Hill Parking

Mission Hill offers plenty of free parking spaces between Ward Street and Tremont Street. If those spaces are full, check out a parking garage. Here’s a map of the parking available in Mission Hill.

Boston Museum of Science Parking

There isn’t too much street parking near the Boston Museum of Science, but if you visit the museum for a half hour or less you’re welcome to park in their newly renovated garage for free. After that, parking in the garage ranges from $9.75-$20.00 depending on how long you spend exploring. If you don’t mind a few blocks of walking, check out this map of parking near the Boston Museum of Science.

Free Downtown Parking

On the edge of the downtown area, you can sometimes find free 2-hour parking spaces on the street, but these are extremely limited. The downtown area also offers lots of metered street parking, meaning those spaces are free after 8 PM and before 8 AM. You’re also able to park in commercial spaces after the business has closed. Check out this map to find out which streets offer free parking in downtown Boston.

North End Parking

There is some free parking in North End, if you know where to look. Check along Clark Street or Hanover, but make sure you aren’t parked in a space that requires a residential permit. Here’s a map of parking in North End. Want to get free parking recommendations before your meetings? you can connect your calendar to SpotAngels To find parking on the go, download the award-winning SpotAngels app. It is free 😉

View Map of Free Parking in Boston

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