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The Ultimate Guide to Street Parking in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver offers travelers and residents alike a wide variety of activities to explore. The good news is that you can find free street parking all over the city. The bad news: it is a tricky game to play. But don’t worry SpotAngels is here to the rescue 🙂

This guide will grant you Vancouver street parking superhero powers:

  1. An understanding of where free street parking spots are. (Check out this street parking map!)
  2. Familiarity with parking rules in Vancouver

Street Parking Map

The map below will show you all the spots where you can park, their price and how long you can stay without getting a ticket.

The map updates in real-time, so simply type in the address you’re parking near, the time you expect to be there, and your duration. The green spots are the ones that are free of charge!

Pro tip: the spots that have a yellow halo are those where you are more likely to find parking. The information is constantly provided by the SpotAngels community.

Vancouver Parking Rules

You need to keep in mind the parking regulations below when you’re searching for street parking in Vancouver to avoid tickets.

Between 8am and 6pm every day, do not park your vehicle for more than 3 hours in front of residential or commercial properties that you do not own or work at.

The 3-hour bylaw restricts non-resident parking to a maximum of 3 hours to allow daytime access for residents to their homes and for business owners and employees to their workplaces.

Do not stop or park:

  • Within 6 m of the nearest edge of the closest sidewalk on an intersecting street; When there is no sidewalk, 9 m of the nearest edge of the pavement of an intersecting street; Within 1.5 m of an intersecting lane, a private road, boulevard crossing, or sidewalk crossing; within 6 m of either side of a crosswalk or the approach side of a stop sign; or within 5 m of a fire hydrant.
  • More than 30 cm from the curb, or edge of the roadway.
  • Unparallel with the curb or roadway unless there are marks or signs that indicate angle parking.
  • On sidewalks or sidewalk crossings.
  • In the opposite direction of traffic.

Parking signs

No stopping

You may not stop or park your vehicle at this location, during the posted hours (or all day if there are no hours).

No Parking

Parking is prohibited at specific times (or everyday all the time if no hours are specified). It’s important to do what the sign says in terms of times, days and dates.

Street Cleaning

Parking is prohibited at specific times for street cleaning.

Parking reserved

This parking area is reserved for persons with a disability.

No Parking – except with permit

This parking area is reserved for holders of a residents-only parking permit.

Time Limit

Parking may be authorized at certain times for people who don’t have a permit. It’s important to follow indications on the signs.

Loading zone

Stopping in loading and passenger zones for anything other than loading or unloading passengers and materials is illegal. Loading zones can be used to unload:

  • Passengers for up to 3 minutes
  • Materials for up to 30 minutes

Time-limited and metered parking

  • Parking meters are in effect from 9am to 10pm, 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • Report a broken meter. Do not park at it. You will get a ticket.
  • Daytime rates (9am to 6pm) may be different from evening rates (6pm to 10pm).
  • Before paying, check if there are parking restrictions in effect, such as rush hour, special events, or construction.

Overnight Parking in Vancouver

Overnight street parking in Vancouver is free at any parking meter from 10pm to 9am the next day, as long as there are no signs prohibiting that.

Snow Removal

When snow removal operations start, you must park your car off the street.  You could receive a ticket and be towed if your vehicle blocks the snow removal equipment.

During a snow event, crews are dispatched to remove snow and ice from streets on a priority basis.

  • Priority 1 routes: Bus routes, emergency routes, arterial roads (e.g. Marine Drive) and major collector roads (e.g. 15th Street) are the first to be cleared. During longer storms, primary roads—especially bus routes—are repeatedly plowed to ensure that everyone has a viable transportation alternative.
  • Priority 2 routes: School routes and minor collector roads (e.g. Bellevue Avenue) are the second to be cleared.
  • Priority 3 routes: Local roads, cul-de-sacs, footpaths and footbridges will be dealt with after the weather disturbance has passed and/or Priority 1 and 2 routes are in a safe and stable condition. Please be patient!

Residential Parking Permit

A residential parking permit will allow you to park in your neighbourhood and it helps manage parking where on street parking is in high demand. But it may not guarantee parking in front of your property or in some cases, your block. Streets may be subject to temporary closure for construction, filming, and street cleaning; it’s your  responsibility to be aware of these temporary changes and find alternate parking in these instances

Your permit is valid if:

  • You park within the zone that your residential address is in.
  • Your vehicle licence plate number matches the number printed on the decal.

The residential parking permit costs between $45.45 per year for most zones of the city. And each household is allowed to have two permits, in most zones. Buy a permit online or by calling 3-1-1.

Vancouver Parking Tickets

The cost of a parking ticket can range from $20 to $450 in Vancouver, but if you pay within 14 days of the issue date and get 40% off the full amount. You can pay your tickets here.

If you have any questions about tickets or if you wanr to dispute it, you can call the Ticket Inquiry line at 604-257-8732 Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm (except holidays).

If your car has been towed from a city street or park, you may find your car at the:

City Impound Yard
425 Industrial Ave.
Phone: 604-685-8181

Open 24 hours, every day

Search for your towed car 

Make sure to use the SpotAngels parking app when you park. You will receive notifications and text messages to remind you to move your car!

Vancouver Parking Holidays

Unfortunately, Vancouver does not offer free parking in metered areas on Holidays

To find parking on the go, download the award-winning SpotAngels app. It is free 😉

View Map of Free Parking in Vancouver

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