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The city of San Diego operates a street sweeping program, which not only keeps the streets clean but helps improve the water quality throughout the city. Approximately 2,700 miles of San Diego streets currently participate in the program. Read the parking signs carefully to make sure you’re not parked during street sweeping hours and use a map to learn when street sweeping occurs.

How does San Diego street sweeping work?

There are two different street sweeping programs in San Diego. One operates in residential neighborhoods, while the other operates on commercial streets. The street sweeper comes out to residential neighborhoods once a month, while they operate on commercial streets once a week.

For two hours, parking is not permitted on street sweeping days. Expect to park somewhere else to allow easy access for the sweepers. If not, you’ll receive a parking ticket of $62.50. Check out the street sweeping routes ahead of time, and plan your parking accordingly.

What time is street sweeping in San Diego?

To find out when street sweeping occurs in each San Diego district, visit this street sweeping map:

There is no exception to the two-hour ‘no parking’ limit during street sweeping days. Even if the street sweeper passes, you can still receive a parking ticket if you’re parked within the two hours stated on the sign. Sometimes, the street sweeper comes back for a second round before the job is considered done.

san diego street sweeping map spotangels

Better yet, head to this interactive street cleaning map to find out exactly when street cleaning occurs near you or download the Spot Angels app to receive real-time alerts when you need to move your car.

Is it legal to park after the street sweeper passes?

It is never legal to park after the street sweeper passes in San Diego and tickets have been left on the windshields of drivers who have seen the sweeper pass with their own eyes.

What kinds of signs should I look for?

If you see a sign like the one below, make sure you didn’t park on a street sweeping day. Additionally, busy street sweeping routes may only be marked with ‘No Parking’ signs and not mention street cleaning at all. Make sure you’re aware of the street sweeping route near you by typing your address into this street sweeping map.

san diego street sweeping sign spot angels

No parking due to street sweeping

How much does a street sweeping ticket cost?

If your car is blocking the street sweeper, you’ll receive a parking ticket of $62.50, and the fine goes up after 21 days. Avoid adding unexpected costs to your monthly budget by reading each parking sign carefully. You can pay your ticket online with a Mastercard, VISA, or Discover credit card.

San Diego street sweeping Holiday Schedule

Don’t worry! On nationally recognized holidays parking officers take a break from issuing parking tickets on street sweeping days. They actually take a break from street sweeping altogether. Which means that you can disregard the ‘no parking’ sign if the street sweeping falls on a holiday. Yippie! 

Click to see if Street Sweeping is suspended in the next days

View San Diego Street Sweeping Map

Start DateParking HolidayEnd Date
2024-01-01New Year's Day2024-01-01
2024-01-15Martin Luther King, Jr. Day2024-01-15
2024-02-19Washington's Birthday (Presidents' Day)2024-02-19
2024-04-01Cesar Chavez Day(Observed)2024-04-01
2024-05-27Memorial Day2024-05-27
2024-07-04Independence Day2024-07-04
2024-09-02Labor Day2024-09-02
2024-11-11Veterans day2024-11-11
2024-11-28Thanksgiving Day2024-11-28
2024-12-25Christmas Day2024-12-25

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