When we introduced SpotAngels Plus, we committed to allocate 50% of the Plus subscription revenue to reward the SpotAngels contributors who build the maps and grow the SpotAngels local communities.

As part of this effort, we are excited to announce the SpotAngels Ambassador Program. Contributors who complete 50 challenges a month or do local outreach to grow their local SpotAngels community, will receive a special bonus. To make it fun, we are introducing Streaks that will increase the bonuses received as ambassadors keep completing their monthly challenges.

If you want to learn more about the program, please find the details below

Program Overview

Each month, we ask of you:

  • Completion of ONE of the following:
    • 50 challenges (default – we’ll assume you’re doing this unless you indicate otherwise), OR
    • Other local outreach, with the goal of 10 signups and 1 challenge completion from each signup
  • Occasional call with our founder (won’t happen every month, just every once in a while – we’ll let you know when)

Each month, we give you in return:

  • 2,500 Spotcoins (SPTC)
    • Redeemable for a Plus membership, cash, and/or garage parking
    • This is in addition to the regular Spotcoins you will earn for completing challenges
  • Leaderboard
    • Completing challenges will land you on the leaderboard, unlock avatars, and earn you bragging rights: Leaderboard
  • Streak
    • If you participate in more than 3 consecutive months, you’ll receive incrementally higher amounts of Spotcoins
    • Details
      • Months 1-3 : 2,500 Spotcoins (standard baseline amount)
      • Months 3-6: 3,000 Spotcoins
      • Months 6-9: 3,500 Spotcoins
      • Months 9-12: 4,000 Spotcoins

Here are some FAQs about the program:

  • Is this opt-in? What happens if I don’t complete a month?
    • This program is fully opt-in, meaning each month you can choose to participate or not — once you become an ambassador it will always be on, and any challenges you complete will go towards your 50 challenge tally, but nothing happens if you don’t complete 50 challenges in any given month
    • However, if you DO participate in consecutive months, you’ll unlock even more Spotcoins from the Streak program, laid out above
  • How do I know if I’m on a streak? When does it reset?
    • Every time you unlock your ambassador bonus, you will receive an email confirming the bonus and informing you about your current Streak.
    • Streaks reset every month, e.g. let’s say you participate for four months in a row. For the first three months, you’ll get the standard 2,500 SPTC bonus for challenge completion. After the fourth month, you’ll receive 3,000 SPTC instead of 2,500. If you complete a fifth month, you’ll get 3,000 again, but if you don’t complete a 5th month, your streak resets and the next month you do complete you’ll be back at the baseline 2,500 SPTC and considered in “month 1”
  • How do I know how many challenges I’ve completed each month?
    • Open your app, and click on the “Account” tab at the bottom right of your screen. Then click “Profile,” then scroll down and you’ll see “Challenges Completed.” That number will reset on the first of every month
    • Make sure your app is updated to the most recent version!
  • What do I do when I complete 50 challenges?
    • Nothing! The system is automatically tracking your challenges and you’ll receive the bonus of 2,500 Spotcoins (or more if you’re in a streak) at the end of the month.
  • What if I want to help do local outreach/secure 10 signups instead of challenges that month?
    • For now, you let us know this by replying to the monthly reminder email
    • This doc has a section called “Other Local Outreach” where you can find all the info for completing local outreach
  • How hard is it to complete 50 challenges? Is there any guidance on how I should do this?
    • 50 challenges can sound like a lot, but it’s actually quite doable. A challenge is just adding one piece of parking info, like taking a photo of a sign, just confirming info, reporting an open spot, etc. It should be very doable to complete 50 challenges in 1-2 long walks around your neighborhood or a friend’s neighborhood. Another way to look at it is less than 2 challenges a day – you could do this while you walk to and from your car!
    • There is a section of this doc called “Challenge Inspiration + Tips” where you can find more tips, tricks, and inspiration for completing challenges

Challenge Inspiration + Tips

50 challenges can sound like a lot, but it’s actually quite doable. A challenge is just adding one piece of parking info, like taking a photo of a sign, confirming existing info, reporting an open spot, etc. It should be easy to complete 50 challenges in 1-2 long walks around your neighborhood. Another way to look at it is less than 2 challenges a day – you could do this while you walk to and from your car!

To complete challenges, head over to the “Earn” tab to see a list of challenges nearby. Alternatively, you can use the Map view, and click on specific blocks to see if there are challenges on that block (if there are challenges, you’ll see a prompt like “Any open spots on this block?” or “The rules here need verification.”)

Here are a few more ideas to make completing challenges easy and fun:

  • Get in the habit of doing challenges daily when you let your dog out, or walk to your car, bus stop, or grocery store – it takes less than a minute to open the app and complete a challenge
  • Some challenges are extremely quick and easy, like reporting if your block has open parking spots, or sharing your parking spot when you’re leaving — if you build a habit of doing these in your day to day, you’ll quickly tally a lot of challenges
  • One long walk, or two medium walks should be enough time to complete 50 challenges. Use that 30m-1hr to catch up with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while!
  • Bring a friend and get your steps in- think of it like a way to get your steps in and get paid. Bet your friends that you can get more steps in than them
  • Make it scenic – take advantage of your city’s beautiful walking routes, and complete challenges while you walk.

Other Local Outreach

Want to take a break from doing challenges? You can elect to help us with other local outreach instead. The goal for these additional challenges should be securing 10 new users and them each making a contribution. You have a unique signup code you can share that people can make an account through. Here are a few ways to share your code and get signups:

  • Flyering – We’ll pay for flyers with your unique signup code, you distribute them however you like
  • Get coworkers signed up – Share your signup code with your colleagues on internal communication channels
  • Party Event – We may be able to secure a small budget if you want to throw a small party at your favorite local bar or restaurant
  • Walking event – Invite 10 friends or coworkers to go on a challenge walk together! Think Pokemon GO style
  • Farmer’s market – Pass out your code at your favorite farmer’s market and spend some time chatting with folks who are interested

If you get more than 10 signups and contributions, each one over 10 will count towards a future month!

Please reach out to support@spotangels.com or join our Discord server and tag @Admin if you’d like to choose one of these local outreach options instead of challenges. We are very open to new ideas to test out in this area – let us know if you have any!

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  1. Sean Bunning Reply

    Hey I would like to become an ambassador but don’t know how I’m supposed to apply, or sign up? I’m gonna message you at support@spotangles.com as well.. I figured it was better odds for a faster response if I tried both options. Hope to hear back from you soon.

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