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Where to Find Free Parking in Niagara Falls

Whether you’re a resident of Niagara Falls looking for free parking in your backyard or you’re a visitor looking for a perfect spot near the world-famous Niagara Falls waterfalls, finding free spots is easier than you think if you know where to look.

To find those free street parking spots, here is what you need:

  1. An understanding of where those spots exist. (Check out this free map!)
  2. Familiarity with parking rules in the city so you’ll know that free spot is actually free.

Map of Free Parking

Find a free spot in Niagara Falls by changing the time filters and navigating to your desired area. The free map updates in real-time, so simply type in the address you’re parking near and the time of day to find free parking near you.

Niagara Falls Parking Rules

Free parking near the Falls

The only free parking in the State Park area is at Seneca Casino, which is located about a mile from major attractions.

View Map of Free Parking in Niagara Falls

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