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Galveston Parking

Where to Find Free Parking in Galveston

Driving a car in Galveston can be an expensive activity. Parking prices for sure don’t help. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to find a free parking spot or two.

To find those free street parking spots, here is what you need:

  1. An understanding of where those spots exist. (Check out this free map!)
  2. Familiarity with parking rules in Galveston so you’ll know that free spot is actually free.

Map of Free Parking

Most of the spots in Downtown Galveston and Seawall are metered. But some are free. To locate them you can use the SpotAngels map before navigating to your desired area.

The map updates in real-time, so simply type in the address you’re parking near, the time you expect to be there, and your duration. The spots where you can legally park will appear on the map along with their prices. The green spots are the ones that are free of charge!

Pro tip: Some of the metered spots (in blue) might be free of charge as well if you happen to park outside of the metered hours 😉

Galveston Parking Rules:

Galveston has some nice parking rules. Most of the metered spots in Downtown are free of charge on Sunday.

Downtown: parking meters are enforced from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Saturday.
Seawall: parking meters are enforced from 10 AM to 6 PM, Daily.

Unfortunately, Galveston does not offer free parking in metered areas on Holidays

To find parking on the go, download the award-winning SpotAngels app. It is free 😉

View Map of Free Parking in Galveston

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