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The Complete Guide to Pasadena Street Parking

Whether you’re headed to the Rose Bowl to see a live show or you’re on your way to downtown Pasadena, make sure you have your parking plan handled before you go. Parking can get tricky but with these tips, you’ll find a parking spot in Pasadena in no time.

Understanding Pasadena street parking rules:

Keep reading to find out about Pasadena parking rules and discover tips and tricks to avoid surprise regulations and find the best parking spots near your destination.

Tips to avoid a parking ticket

  • Never park further than 18 inches away from the curb.
  • Never park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Pay attention to signs that are posted for street cleaning or construction projects.
  • Don’t park on the street for longer than 72 hours.
  • Have a valid permit to park overnight.

How does residential parking work?

If you live in an established district, you are eligible to receive three residential parking passes. To get a residential parking permit, you must have a valid vehicle registration and the address on the registration has to match the address of residence.

What do the different curb colors mean?

  • Red means no stopping, standing or parking at any time.
  • Yellow means no stopping, standing or parking at any time between 6 AM and 6 PM
  • White means no stopping, standing or parking for any purpose.
  • Green means no standing or parking for longer than 15 minutes at any time between 6 AM and 6PM on any day except Sundays.
  • Blue means no stopping, standing or parking at any time unless you display a valid handicap parking permit.

What do street parking signs in Pasadena mean?

Here are some examples of parking signs you may see in Pasadena:

Limited parking sign: Only park for the allowed amount of time posted on the sign.

No Parking Sign: When posted hours are in effect, don’t park your car unless you display the stated permit.

What are street parking rules for metered spaces?

Old Pasadena and the West Gateway areas enforce parking meters seven days a week, but the Civic Center’s enforcement varies. Be sure to check the rates in your area by using the free parking map.

What do I do if my car gets towed?

Call 311 or visit the official city towing website.

Is metered parking suspended today?

Pasadena does give people a break every once in a while. Street parking is free on select parking holidays throughout the year. Check the table below for details.

How to find the best cheap parking in Pasadena?

Pay attention to Pasadena parking rules to make sure you don’t end up with a ticket on your windshield.

Here is some useful knowledge to find the best parking near your destination: On the parking map, besure you type in the hours you plan to park. This will update the street parking rates to real time.

Where can I find parking garages near downtown?

The easiest way to find parking garages in Pasadena is by heading to the parking map. There, you’ll find all of the information you need and you’ll be able to reserve a spot right then and there.

Here are a few popular parking garages in Pasadena. Parking Maps are also a useful way to find parking garages in your area.

  • Delacey Parking Structure
  • Schoolhouse Block Parking
  • One Colorado Parking
  • Del Mar Station Garage

What’s the cost of a Pasadena parking ticket?

Costs for parking tickets in Pasadena aren’t cheap, and there’s a $27 late fee and $3 DMV processing fee on top of your ticket if you don’t pay within 21 days .

A tow will cost $275 and removing a boot will cost you $155 for a boot removal.

How do I pay a Pasadena parking ticket?

Drivers with parking tickets are encouraged to pay online.

Which days are Pasadena parking holidays?

Below are the official parking holidays in the city. To know which specific regulations are suspended on these days, check out the map.

New Years Jan 01
Martin Luther King Jr Day Jan 20
Presidents Day Feb !7
Memorial Day May 25
Labor Day Sep 07
Veterans day Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day Nov 26
Christmas Day Dec 25

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