Parking Regulations


1. Fines

An unpaid parking ticket can double or triple because of added penalties. Late and collection fees can take the price up to $1000!

Good news, your unpaid parking tickets won’t go on your driving record or affect the price of your insurance. The bad news is they will most likely double or triple within 30-60-90 days.

2. Court Appearance

If you wait long enough a local court may issue a notice for you to appear in court. The Judge will ask you to pay the amount you owe.

At this point it gets serious, you’d better pay the fine!

3. Bench Warrants

If you ignore this notice the court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest. Your license plate will be shared with police cars and you can be stopped and brought to jail!

From parking tickets to jail

This is very unlikely and it won’t happen everywhere in the US (NYC passed a law which won’t let this happen), but to get brought to jail for unpaid parking tickets it’s still a possibility in some states!

4. Car Booting

There is even a bigger chance your car is going to be booted or towed. Once this happens your vehicle can be searched without a warrant.

Booting is expensive and very inconvenient, just as an example in San Francisco a boot-removal fee gets as high as $465! In Daly City, CA a vehicle can be booted if there are five or more parking citations, and the owner has 72 hours to pay the overdue amount plus a $50 boot removal fee.

5. License  Suspension

If you ignore parking tickets long enough your license can be revoked. This is true even for out of state tickets!

What happens if you get a parking ticket in another state? In Michigan, a parking ticket is a civil infraction. If you don’t pay you will be convicted and your license can be suspended. If you get stopped after this you are risking to get arrested for driving with a suspended license!

6. Collectors

You could also suffer a collection account opened against you, potentially damaging your credit score!

We all know collectors and collections agencies well enough we don’t want to deal with them, most importantly because your credit score can be severely affected. Generally to restore it will take months and effort…

Next time you get a ticket think twice before trashing it. Maye it’s a good idea to get SpotAngels and avoid tickets completely 😉