NYC Parking

5 Things To Know About NYC Parking

Every New Yorker knows NYC is a difficult beast when it comes to parking. Here are 5 things to know about NYC parking:

1. New Yorkers spend on average more than 100 hours per year looking for parking

The average New Yorker spends 107 hours per year searching for a parking space. That’s about 4 and a half days per year set aside just for parking. This not only costs drivers hours but it also increases fuel consumption and emissions!

2. This converts into a monetary value of over $2,243 per year

If this time is converted into a monetary value, it adds up to $2,243 per year per driver. Considering there are almost 2 million drivers in NYC this costs $4.3Bn to the city!

3. The city of New York issues $600 Million in parking tickets per year

NYC issues the highest number of parking tickets in the country, for a total value of over $600,000,000.

4. The most common NYC parking ticket: Alternate Side Parking / Street Cleaning

NYC Parking’s biggest hustle is Alternate Side Parking. It is no surprise that this is the most issued ticket in the city!

5. In NYC there are more than 80K parking spaces

Despite being one of the most trafficked cities in the US, NYC has an incredibly high number of parking spots and parking structures. Your spot is there, it’s all about finding it!


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