How does SpotAngels work?

Your Angels will automatically detect that you parked and send you a parking ticket alert before street cleaning, alternate side parking or any other parking rules. If your car has Bluetooth, make sure to connect it to the app. Otherwise, make sure to grant your Angels access to your phone sensors.

How do I connect the app to my car's Bluetooth?

First, pair your phone to your car via Bluetooth. Find your car's Bluetooth name in your Phone's Settings> Bluetooth> MY DEVICES. Then, open the SpotAngels app and go to the the Cars section. Select your car, activate the parking detection feature and write the car's Bluetooth name. Et voilĂ ! Next time you are in your car, open the SpotAngels app and you should see a Bluetooth confirmation icon.

I have an OBD dongle. How does it work with SpotAngels?

SpotAngels has integrations with 4 dongle providers: Automatic, Mojio, Zubie and Vinli. If you have one of these devices, you can link it to the app. Your Angels will then be able to automatically protect you from parking tickets.

How reliable is SpotAngels’ data?

SpotAngels builds the most precise parking maps. We map cities spot by spot and gather all the parking regulations associated: street cleaning, alternate side parking, residential parking, meters, no parking zones, no standing zones, handicapped spots... When a regulation is missing or incorrect, you can snap a picture of the parking sign within the app and your Angels will update it.

Sometimes I don't receive the notification when I park. Is this normal?

Your Angels send you a first notification when you park to tell you how long you can stay. However, they won't send you the notification if they do not have parking data at your parking location. If you want to add data at this location, you can snap a picture within the app and your Angels will take care of the rest :)

Is SpotAngels liable if I get a ticket?

We built SpotAngels to help drivers with parking. We do our best to provide the most accurate data possible but please be aware that our data may differ from the current on-street regulation. We do not hold any responsibility if you get a parking ticket. So the best practice is to double check if you have a doubt.

Does the app drain the battery?

We are ourselves users of the app and we know how valuable the battery life of our phones is. We put in a lot of technology and efforts to optimize the battery consumption when you use the app.

Is my personal data protected?

Absolutely! The data is anonymized and securely stored. We don't sell your personal data and we will never do. We make money by selling our maps to car companies.

What cities do you cover?

The app covers San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, San Jose, San Diego, Detroit, Miami, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Atlanta, Portland, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, London and Brussels. We are constantly adding new cities and expanding our coverage within our current cities. If you do not have data in your neighborhood, feel free to send your Angels pictures of parking signs within the app and they will add data within 1 business day.

When are you launching an Android app ?

We plan to launch the Android app anytime soon. In the meantime, you can add your email address to our Android waiting list and we will notify you when the app is live!